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In 2006 Ipsento was created with the idea that all people are on a journey of self-discovery. The word “ipsento” was invented by the company’s founders and is the combination of two latin roots:

ipse- “self”

sentio= “to discover

We believe that self-discovery happens through experience, whether it be traveling the world in search of the finest coffees, splitting a mini-donut with your little one or meeting for your first coffee with “the one”. That’s why our mission is to engage people with an immensely satisfying experience.

The vision for Ipsento is to provide a space and product which encourages growth through the experience of delicious and well-crafted products made by people who care.

We envision sustainable growth as the most satisfying coffee brand in Chicago. With a focus on unique and well-crafted food and drinks, outstanding customer engagement and a relentless pursuit of excellence and delight, Ipsento will be recognized as the go-to in Chicago for an immensely satisfying experience.


“The best coffees tell stories” — the Ipsento Mantra

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